How does it Work?.

You have told me your goal. I understand it, I understand why you want it.

I now need to know who you are and what I have to work with.

First I need to know any relevant medical details that can be a factor. All details are absolutely CONFIDENTIAL and kept in my personal code.

Sedentary pulse rates and blood pressure are recorded. Height, weight, body fat percentage and body circumference measurement are taken.

A fitness assessment is then undertaken.

After a warm up and a sequence of basic movement exercises are requested to be performed. Each exercise is evaluated in cardiovascular strength and physiological performance.

I now have your personal goal set, your body statistics and personal performance data.

I can now sit down and create an interesting, fit for purpose route to the successful attainment of your goal.

Regular testing and retesting of your performance is key to me being confident that the training programme I have created for you is actually delivering the goal you require. If it is not then I will know and can adapt immediately.

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