Feel Better

Personal training makes you feel better – simple. Work with the personal trainers at HARD and you’ll enjoy improved mental energy, and a better cardiovascular level. No-one can achieve peak performance alone. With the help of the best personal trainers East Grinstead have to offer, you’ll have the support you need to train right, and feel better, fitter and healthier day-to-day.

Look Better

Want to reduce your body fat and improve your muscle tone? You’ve found the best personal trainers East Grinstead have to help you to hit those goals. Commit to yourself, and you can look as fit and healthy as you feel. With our guidance and support, you can change how others see you and how you see yourself.

Be Better

There’s a reason why the world’s busiest men and women still find time to train. They know the effort they put into personal training is paid back through the way their body works the rest of the time. Even world leaders find time for their personal trainers, and they must be some of the busiest people out there!

You can get the same results if you put in the effort. With HARD, personal training in East Grinstead is local and convenient. The only HARD work required is from you.


"I've been a PT for 4 years. I live in Crowborough, East Sussex.

From a young age sport and its effect on people has always been a keen interest of mine.

I am dedicated to keeping a high level of personal fitness for my own sport (football) and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

This passion has lead me to helping others achieve their own fitness goals.

I believe in delivering sessions which are enjoyable but will push my clients in the direction of their personal targets.

You cannot beat the feeling of achieving your goals or helping others achieve theirs and that is why I love my job!"






"I am one of the personal trainers and the nutrition advisor at HARD.

I started my career at Dynamo Boxing Club in 2005 as a gym instructor, helping people reach their goals, their full potential and to feel good about themselves. My passion for that has grown alongside my experience ever since.

I have a degree in Sports Coaching and Development, ABA Boxing Coach and most recently qualified as a nutrition advisor with the Nutrition Academy and Association for Nutrition.

Over the last 4 years I have competed regionally for the UK Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (UKBFF), nationally and internationally for the NZ International Federation for Body Building (NZIFBB) as a bikini athlete and am now sponsored by Real Edge Supplements."


"From boxing as a youth then joining the Royal Navy from school in 1980 and latterly the elite Parachute regiment in 1992 – high level fitness has been the main ingredient in my life.

Drawing on my military and boxing background to deliver exciting engaging fit for purpose physical training, I started what is now HARD fitness East Grinstead and Dynamo Boxing South Croydon from a rented pre fab concrete domestic garage with no mains power in the late nineties after I left the Army.

Delivering results to individuals requiring guidance, motivation and discipline has enabled me to grow my one man band. By investing heavily in my personal professional qualifications, TOP quality equipment, staff and staff training I now believe that my business model is second to none.

I understand how hard it is to GET fit. I understand how hard it is to STAY fit. I understand the hardest thing of all is regaining fitness after losing it.

There is NO easy way to achieve fitness and the benefits that come with being fit.
The team at HARD will analyse, organise, manage and deliver your personal goal requirements in my brand new state of the art personal training facility.

We look forward to working HARD for you."




Ian Edwards

The sessions were HARD but rewarding. Each day was different, I found myself looking forward to the sessions. I would encourage anyone looking to get fit to see the HARD team.

Gregory Zabinski

I would recommend HARD to everyone who is looking to improve their fitness or simply lose a few pounds and tone up. I have been attending for 6 months and already see the effects. I like the set up and their serious approach to healthy life.

Sara Corker

My son and I have been attending for a couple of months and are really enjoying the experience. To date I have lost over 5% in body fat.

Simon Edge

I'm a 45 year old man who hadn't been to the gym in 25 years. I've lost 2 inches from my waist, around 5% body fat and my stamina is back to what it was when I was in my twenties!


  • NO contracts
  • Standing Order
  • Per session: £30 each
  • One session per week: £130 per calendar month
  • Two sessions per week: £260 per calendar month
  • Three sessions per week: £390 per calendar month


Use this contact form to begin the process of working with the HARD team. We will organise a free consultation during which time we will together assess your requirements. We'll then move forwards towards the fitness assessment and beyond.

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